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Here at BRYER’S, as you will know if you have been a customer for a while, we do like switching things up now and then - it is important to us that, like with our food menus, your experience with coffee is just as exciting and varied. For this reason we work with a range of coffee suppliers to give you an eclectic selection of amazing, ethically sourced coffee beans from farmers all over the world. All of our coffees are lovingly cared for and roasted to meticulous perfection by some of the best roasters in the country.

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BBRYER'S have been working with HASBEAN since we first opened our doors way back in 2012. They have been providing us with an outstanding selection of carefully curated coffees from around the world and have worked closely with us to create bespoke coffee blends for our customers.  HASBEAN has supported our team here at BRYER'S - growing our coffee knowledge and skills through training sessions over the years hosted at the shop and at the roastery! HASBEAN has helped shape and expand our coffee setup to what it is today. Find out more about HASBEAN here.

Over the years we have worked with a number of  small local business to give you the best there is when it comes to breads, cakes and pastries! Our focus has always been quality and variety - from morish traybakes to rich decadente tarts, we hope that we offer something for every occasion here at BRYER’S. Maybe you don’t have a sweet tooth? -  Our artisanal breads and savoury pastries are sure to tempt you!



Welbeck Bakehouse is an award winning artisan bakery specialising in Sourdough and Viennoiserie. Based in the beautiful Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire, Welbeck Bakehouse have have been supplying BRYER’S with the very best for many years. From our almond croissants to sourdough loaves, cinnamon buns to our infamous seasonal cruffins - Welbeck deliver our freshly baked goods, first thing at the crack of dawn, every morning for our wonderful customers! 

At BRYER'S we are passionate about great wine... we have spent years working with amazing importers and always strive to showcase the best that they have to offer - we hope to have lots of wines that you won't have seen elsewhere! More recently we have started to work with Graft, who showcase smaller producers from around the world and seek to bring us memorable wines made by brilliant people in beautiful places.


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